Notify events and 
manage incidents automatically

Notify events and manage incidents automatically

Respond to incidents quickly with real-time notifications. Improve user experience by strengthening your team's capability based on post-mortem features.

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Alert manager dashboard and project health dashboard
Alert Dashboard

Get incident alerts from external monitoring solutions

Manage incident alerts in one dashboard. Integrate SpaceONE with Grafana, Zabbix, Prometheus, Amazon SNS, Jenkins, DockerHub, and Terraform Cloud. Automate receiving alerts by webhook based SpaceONE plugins.

Sending notifications through Slack, Telegram, Email, SMS or Voice call

Send notifications through various channels

Get notified automatically through Slack, Telegram, Jira, Email, or SMS. Apply escalation policy to deliver notifications efficiently.

Incident history from triggering to resolving
Incident History

Manage workflows to resolve incidents

Assign members to each incident generated. Manage incident alerts through urgency and issue-handling status. Keep track of incident history and manage workflows to resolve incidents.

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External Monitoring SolutionsGrafana, Zabbix, Prometheus, Amazon SNS, Jenkins, DockerHub, Terraform Cloud
Notification ChannelsSlack, Telegram, Jira, SMS, Email
You can integrate an external monitoring solution in 2 steps. First, create a webhook URL of the external solution in SpaceONE. Next, assign the webhook URL as an alarm message destination in the external solution. Please check the link for a detailed integration guide.

Even though the external monitoring solutions you use are not supported by SpaceONE, you can integrate the solution yourself. You can build your own custom plugin based on standard API webhooks, to integrate with Alert Manager.
Escalation policy is a level-based alert delivery policy sending notifications in predefined orders. You can assign users and notification channels for each level in an alert delivery process. For example, in level 1, SpaceONE sends alerts to level-1-assigned users via a predefined channel such as Slack. If the level-1-assigned users do not respond to the alert for a certain amount of time(30 min), the level-2-assigned users get the alert based on the escalation policy defining the object to be notified and the channel to use for notifications such as SMS. If alerts are not checked again in level 2, the level-3-assigned users will get notifications in the order defined by the policy.
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