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We make our universe a better place that changes the way you operates in the IT infrastructures across on-premises and multiclouds.

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We make multicloud managed


Discover and manage multi-cloud resources

Collect and categorize multi-cloud assets in one platform. Search cloud resources quickly and analyze them with detailed information in one dashboard.

Learn about Asset Inventory
Integrated multi-cloud cost data and customizable cost explorer dashboard

Analyze your costs easily and optimize resources

View your billing details thoroughly and optimize resources based on cost data analyzed. Control expenses and prevent overspendings with budget management feature.

Learn about Cost Explorer
Workflow of getting incident alerts from external monitoring solutions such as Grafana, Zabbix, Prometheus and Amazon SNS and sending notifications automatically through Slack, Telegram, Jira, Email, SMS or Voice Call

Notify events and manage incidents automatically

Respond to incidents quickly with real-time notifications. Improve user experience by strengthening your team's capability based on post-mortem features.

Learn about Alert Manager
Added users by integrating external identity services such as Google  OAuth and Keycloak and assigned roles

Control user access through identity integration and RBAC

Add users easily by integrating external identity services such as Google OAuth2, Active Directory, and Keycloak. Manage SpaceONE user access by assigning roles through RBAC feature.

Learn about IAM

Managed cloud resources

Various customers are managing numerous cloud resources through SpaceONE.


Integrated cloud service accounts

Accounts from multiple cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud are integrated.


Supported APIs

All features on the SpaceONE console are supported through APIs.

ISO/IEC Certifications

Megazone Cloud obtained ISO/IEC 27001, 27017, 27018, and 27701 certifications. It demonstrates our commitment to providing a stable, reliable cloud service and our dedication to protecting our users’ personal information.


Personal information & Information Security Management System 2018.02 ISMS_Issue certificate(Initial) 2020.03 ISMS-P_Issue certificate(Initial) 2023.04 ISMS-P_Issue certificate (Initial; Renew examination)

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